Best Free Movie Apps For iOS|Apple iPhone iPad

Be it movies or TV series, your Apple iPhone/iPad will not remain silent as before. Stream thrilling movies on your device with these Movie Apps For iOS device.I did write about movies app for Android. Yes, a perfect collection free movies apps for iOS.Find latest and top rated Movie Apps for iOS device (iPad and iPhones). If you love to mp3 music download official sites and build your collection then 10 best music download app for android with album art is where you need to go.

Best Free Movie Apps For iOS|Apple iPhone iPad

1. MovieBox

Movie Apps For IOS

It’s a replica of Show box App. Movie Box is a hub of entertainment. Here you will get TV series, trailers, and Movies, not only for streaming but with download option too.

watch movie box

Stream and download movies on your IOS easily. A top rated movie app for iOS.

2. Tubi Tv


It’s very hard to compete when people expect much from a solo app. Tubi TV has raised our eyes brows with its free content and not in Netflix categories. This is a must have free movie watching sites App for iOS.

Download Tubi TV

3. Viewster

viewster movies

Watch awesome free movies with Viewster. User get to watch Anime, TV series, Movies, and documentaries.

No sign-up or fees, just instant access to full-length content. Fresh content is appended weekly basis. It’s first stop destination for Anime lovers.

Get Viewster App

4. Snag flims


Ability to support multiple platforms with good movie catalog has made Snag films in our list. This free app for iOS gives you access to over 5000 movies.

Cult horror, Silence movies, and categories one has never heard off. This app has been featured by many top tech and new magazines.

Download Snag films

5. Popcornflix


Popcornflix is another good Movie App for iOS (iPad and iPhone) that is worth having. Not many time free and awesomeness goes side by side.

Horror, Romance, Thiller, Action, Fiction, Animation and much more. Movies are added every day and player is optimized for iPad’s and iPhones.

Download For IOS

6. Crackle


Crackle is good Movie App to try on iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Watch full-length at  and TV series without wasting any money. If you love to stream on your PC then these Online Movie Sites are good place to start with.

Countless fans enjoy this award-winning free app. Numerous Hollywood Films TV Series and Japanese Anime series. Look out boys.

Download Crackle.

7. Flipps TV.

Flipps TV.

Watch movies, comedy clips and news on TV free music videos, using only your iPhone or iPad. You can stream directly on your Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, LG Philips TV, Sharp TV, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Dish Hopper, Apple TV, Chromecast.

Adjust playback and Volume right from your mobile device. Stream and watch movies efficiently.

Download Flipp TV.

8. Yidio.


In simple word Yidio is a search engine where you focus of content available for streaming. Yidio saves your money and time by suggesting a place to watch movies and TV series. You search content using Yidio and it gives you details like;.

Where you can watch it.
Content is Free or Paid.
Price comparison (For Paid Content).
Download Yidio.

9. Netflix (Paid).

Popcornflix Movie App For IOS.

Netflix Movie App for IOS which runs on Iphones and Ipad is an ideal way to stream movies and lots of other stuff too. Get the one-month free trial and after that, you can choose a plan according to your need.Here you can also find out the some free netflix account username and passwords.

I personally don’t find any reason to ignore this deal.

Download Netflix.

I genuinely feel, If you are not willing to pay subscription fees and looking for the good option then, Movie Box, Tubi TV and Viewster are worth trying. In future, I’ll be updating this particular list of Free Movie Apps for iOS.

Stream thrilling movies on your device with these Movie Apps For iOS device.

Yes, a perfect collection free movies apps for iOS.

A top rated movie app for iOS.

Popcornflix is another good Movie App for iOS (iPad and iPhone) that is worth having. Netflix Movie App for IOS which runs on Iphones and Ipad is an ideal way to stream movies and lots of other stuff too.

Cartoon HD Full Download For Android,PC, Windows 10,8,7

Many folks extremely have some common interests that are quite superb nonetheless some like to hold them on their lives. You too would be having several such interests however to be quite precise, things are out of the box for you. Well, we are talking about the movie and TV show lovers here as there are millions of people who love movies and other stuff too. So, we’ve got the cartoon hd apk download.

There are also several sources from wherever you’ll watch your favorite shows and movies however if you only aren’t able to watch your favorite shows, then it’s of course suggested that you simply ought to go for a simple approach which is the cartoon hd for android.

Now, you’ll simply be questioning what to do. Well, we’ve got the cartoon hd download for you as cartoon hd is one in every of the simplest apps for you to watch shows and movies. The best factor regarding cartoon hd app is that you simply can watch your favorite shows and movies here to stream which too for free. You only have to be compelled to look for any show that you simply have to be compelled to watch and you may be displayed together with your desired results.

download cartoon hd app

Here, you’ll not solely watch your favorite shows however conjointly transfer them for complimentary. Yes, you’ll extremely download any of your favorite shows and connected movies here for complimentary and if you wish to stream into your favorite cartoon shows here, you’ll watch them in any quality that you simply need. Right from 240p to 1080p, you’ll watch your favorite cartoon shows here during this cartoon hd app.

You can conjointly send and share the films and shows to your friends and thereupon, you’ll even allow them to watch those shows.

Features of Cartoon HD:

  • Cartoon HD is a free app which allows you to stream into your favorite movies.
  • If you are concerned, apparently, the Cartoon HD app will also allow you to watch your favorite TV shows too.
  • This is a free app which means you also don’t have to pay any fee to download this app.
  • The cartoon hd app is also available to download free on PC.
  • You can download any of the movies or TV shows which you want via the Cartoon hd app.
  • This app isn’t available on the Google Play Store, but you can download the cartoon hd apk.
  • Even if this app isn’t available on the Play Store, still it is safe to download and you don’t need to worry about your security while downloading this app.

How to download Cartoon hd apk:

You may be wondering how to install cartoon hd apk on your android devices. For this purpose, you will need to follow these steps carefully:

  1. First of all, download the cartoon hd apk from this download link.
  2. Now, just keep the download location in your memory from where you have saved this apk in your device.
  3. After this, go to your device’s settings and in the security and permissions options, find the option of “Unknown Sources”.
  4. Enable the option of Unknown Sources.
  5. Now, go to the location where you have downloaded the cartoon hd apk from step 2.
  6. Find this app and click on it to install the cartoon hd apk on your android devices.
  7. Install this app on your android phones and right after it gets installed, open it right away.
  8. Congrats. You have successfully installed Cartoon hd apk on your android devices.

So, that’s it. Now you can easily access all your favorite shows and movies with Cartoonhd for android.

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Top movie downloading websites

If you are looking for the perfect ways of entertainment, then what’s better than watching some good movies along with your friends or family or your partner even?

And along with that, we don’t need to mention the amount of money that people spend on the latest movies released every now and then. And just with that, we know that you too don’t want to waste a lot of money over this purpose.

And just so if you are finding an alternative, then we have the movie sites options available for your devices and for that, you just need to look up over the required movie downloading websites and we have the perfect options for you.

free movie download sites for mobile


  1. Free Movies Watch

This website is really divided by genre and year of production for its movies. The best part about this website is that it updates  everyday with new movies and moreover, to guarantee efficiency and reliability for user’s experiences. If you use this site, you also rate movies, leave comments and use the internal chat to exchange opinions.

If you want a movie streaming site, then this website is the best for you as you can watch your favorite movies online for free. Also, their servers are temporary as they are providing some 3rd party links to watch movies. Even though it is a movie streaming site but you can download movies with the help of idm.


3 World Free 4U

This website is one of the best, most reliable and popular free movie downloading website as you can download all kinds of movies in HD for free in this website. You will also find movies of all types and all genres here on this website and moreover, this website also provides games, music, software etc.


  1. 300 Movies 4U

When it comes to finding the best movie downloading website, this here is a very good site for this purpose. You can download movies in Hollywood, Bollywood and Tamil. However you will find movies in every category here. Moreover, not only 300MB movies but also HD movies are available on this website but even more than that is available to download over this movie downloading website.


  1. Movies Cribe

If you want tons of content, this website is the best option for you as it is also considered among one of the best movies downloading websites that you may not find anywhere else. Moreover, the best feature of this site is that you will find a good layout along a good search box in this website without facing any problem.  So if you can’t find any of the movie that you are looking for, turn up to this site and you will get your favourite movie.

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Things to gift your friends on their birthday

Your friends mean a lot of you, we know that.When you and your friends hang out, you enjoy ever moment of it and forget every issue that you have in life.They make your life beautiful and so do you. If there’s ever good or bad happening in your life, they stand by you.

We know that you love your friends and want to do something for them always.Who doesn’t like to show love towards his friends that do a lot for him? And the perfect thing you can give your friend is a gift. And that too on his birthday and not only a simple one, but something special.Birthdays are the best occasions where you show your love to person and gift him with whatever you select for him.some people wish them on their birthday,some give birthday gift to them or few give super surprise.If you want to do something like this on your friends birthday then you must check the tips which we have mentioned in this blog post.

But there has always been a confusion among us all about the thing we should gift our friends.You might get confused over two small things and don’t know how to help yourself out. Don’t worry! We will tell you what to do in order to outsmart everybody in the party who stands with a gift for your friend.

A customized pillow:

Nothing would be better than a pillow that you gift which has the picture of you two. Those types of gifts never let them forget you. Everytime your friend would see you,he will remember you.You can try writing any custom message too that you like.

customized pillow on friends birthday

A wrist watch

If your friend has interest in wrist watches, gift him one right away.Choose among his favorite brands and sort out something that he would love to wear and would suit his entire wardrobe. Doing this will keep your memories intact. Similarly if it’s a girl you’re gifting, come up with a watch of her favorite color.

birthday gift idea watch for friend

A wallet

It comes under necessity so your best friend will end up thanking you if you plan on gifting him a really good wallet. And it would be more than nicer of you to put a sweet and an adorable picture of you two in any pocket of the wallet. That way, he won’t be able to get your picture out of sight. Similarly if it’s a girl you’re gifting to, come up with her favorite color. She definitely will mind the color.

A photo frame with a picture of both of you together

Now if you want to keep your memories always alive, you can gift him or her a photo frame with a beautiful picture of both of you and a good friendship quote.

A T-shirt won’t be bad

Search among the best of his choice. You definitely know his/her choice since he’s your friend. So all you need to do is look for his favorite color and get a nice T-shirt. Only this is not it. You can even gift him a jeans set, a pant, a suit.


You can buy a soothing perfume for your best friend. There are several types of perfumes available on the market. If your friend likes it soft, you can buy him/her that based on their tastes and preferences.

Photo Album

Both you and your friend must have enjoyed some quality time together and who doesn’t click pictures on those memories? Gift him/her a photo album of all of your memories and that would be the sweetest gift they’ll ever receive. He’s definitely going to get all nostalgic.

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